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Where to get the perfect Christmas treats & gifts in Athens

‘Tis the season for merriment and shopping! If navigating the festive buzz in a new city like Athens has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret not! Whether you’re a local or a recent arrival, we’ve unwrapped the ultimate guide to make your holiday shopping in Athens – a breeze from dazzling decorations and delectable wines to thoughtful gifts. Consider this our gift to ensure you feel right at home amidst the festive cheer! 

But before we start, here is a fun fact! In Greece, the yuletide scene wasn’t always a tree-centric affair. Back then, as sea lovers, the Greeks decked out small ship models instead. These miniature vessels symbolized the upcoming adventures of the new year, paying homage to the brave mariners. Families, especially the kiddos, crafted their models with household odds and ends – wood, fabric, and paper scraps. 

About fifty years ago, these nautical wonders adorned nearly every Greek home. But come the ’80s, the Christmas tree swooped in and stole the festive spotlight. Now, it’s the go-to decoration, though you can still snag ready-made Christmas ships at local shops or museums for a splash of tradition.

Holiday Pick-Ups  

Whether you’re orchestrating your own Christmas feast or gracing someone else’s (Greek etiquette insists you don’t show up empty-handed), the festive table needs stocking up. And when we talk about local treats, we can’t skip Kostarelos, a family cheese haven since 1937. Their Kolonaki cheese shop is a treasure trove of in-house cheese delights and seasonal wines from top-notch Greek producers.

For a wider variety of presents as clothes, shoes, toys, gadgets, and books, visit Gift Wonderland at Athens Metro Mall! From fabulous fashion and trendy kicks to playful toys, cool gadgets, and must-read books, this shopping haven in the southern suburbs has 95 stores featuring top brands to collect your choices. 

Gifts of Elegance 

Dazzling under the Christmas lights, we bet you think of jewelry and fashion presents for your gift-giving game! At George’s store, you can wander around DIAMONDS, EMERALDS, RUBIES, SAPPHIRES, and discover timeless pieces meticulously crafted by extraordinary artisans, perfect for those cherished individuals in your life. 

Not a jewelry person? Get into the world of sartorial masterpieces with Yiorgos Eleftheriades, a visionary in the fashion realm since 1997. Renowned across Europe, this brand is about natural and eco-friendly fabrics into timeless designs suitable for every occasion or shape pairings that provide balance that accentuates personal identity and individuality.

Continue your stylish stroll and explore the intersection of chic, comfort, and elegance at Semiology, where every garment is a statement, empowering the women and loved ones in your life. 

Select a piece from inspiring designs that bring out personality and gracefully embrace the body for a unique style. 

This Christmas, hand more than presents but the essence of style, glamor, and individuality. 

Back to the sweet base?

Pick from the festive flavors of Lukumades and discover a world of traditional delights, perfect for the holiday spirit. Υearning for something authentically Christmassy? Look at their special-made Xmas menu! 

Choose from delightful Christmas cookie-filled Greek dough balls and give a burst of seasonal joy to your guests. Top it off with a heavenly combination of honey-cinnamon and walnut toppings, adding an extra layer of festive warmth to every bite. 

Treat others to the Hot Ruby Chocolate sensation, featuring whipped cream, festive sprinkles, and a charming candy cane. If you fancy a fruity twist, opt for the Apple Cinnamon-filled, adorned with bitter chocolate and whimsical sprinkles. 

Funky Surprises

For those enchanted by pop and funky aesthetics, you better go at A Future Perfect & Friends. Originating as a concept brand in 2013, envisioned by two architects in Athens, it has transformed into a vibrant and colorful design haven.

Offering an eclectic mix of socks, tote bags, notebooks, mugs, jewelry, posters, clothing, and beyond – each item is brimming with creativity, ensuring a guaranteed smile for your beloved recipients. Step into a world where warm, cute, and artistic, unique design will make you all happier these holidays. 

Pick your side and go shopping for more! 

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