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Uncover Eleusis: Your Guide to the cultural capital’s Events

May is the perfect month to visit our cultural capital of Europe, Eleusis where a wide range of events and activities happen throughout the city.

One of the highlights of the month is the Thirstdays project, presented by youth group Cultterra, taking place on Thursday 4, 11, 18, 21-28 May. This project introduces the city’s young artists through solo exhibitions at the Old Railway Station, where you can meet up-and-coming artists and enjoy their work. 

For those who love opera, don’t miss Novoflot‘s unconventional opera, presented in public spaces on Friday 5 and Sunday 7 may, which will take you on a journey of imagination and wonder. The event Xilíki on Tuesday 9 May is a must-visit, where you can discuss the meaning of art today with significant poets, writers, and visual artists.

Eleusis is committed to sustainability, and the European Pupil Conference on Transition to a Climate Neutral Future on Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 May is an excellent opportunity for school students to learn about sustainability and the importance of preserving our planet.

Next, photographer Vangelis Gkinis presents Alienation on 18 June, a photographic exhibition exploring the world of work in Greece, focusing on the working class. Performing Arts Initiator – Narrative Archaeology combines performance art and archaeology to create a unique storytelling experience for visitors from 12 to 14 May.

But Don’t Tell Anyone is a visual arts project that brings together five artists in residence who will experiment and conceive site-responsive projects, revisiting the Eleusinian mysteries in dialogue with the Archaeological Site.

For a thrilling experience, visit the Old Oil Mill Factory on 19 and 22 to 29 May, where the abandoned Hotel Spectre and mythical lovers Orpheus and Eurydice come to life as specters with Don’t Look Back, an interactive experience that invites viewers to make critical decisions at crucial points in their life path.

Greek band My Wet Calvin presents Chamomile – Transit on Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 May, a concert-cum-guided tour on an open-top sightseeing bus that traces the route once taken by the procession leading to the Eleusinian Mysteries, but in reverse.

Sunday’s Eleusis is an all-day experiential action with performances, collective kitchen, concerts, and discussions over coffee on 28 May. The day includes a documentary that observes working-class heroes tracing the thread of collective memory, games, and a concert featuring the most promising upcoming Greek artists. Check the full program here

Blind Guide is a performance-walking tour of the Archaeological Site of Eleusis, directed by Pavlos Pavlidis, starting at the exact moment of sunset and is addressed to the sighted and the blind on 27-29 May.

Finally, the Stalker project is an interactive experience that invites visitors to discover Eleusis’ many facets and memories through interactive walks, games, and exploration of the city on the themes of Archeology – History, Industrial Archeology, and Environment starting in May up to December.

Eleusis is a city full of culture, history, sea, land and industrial landscapes, offering one of a kind experiences. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the 2023 European Capital of Culture and enjoy the events and activities happening this spring-summer season.

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