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Top 4 Open Air Cinemas in Athens

Are you familiar with the open air cinemas? Well, in Athens we totally adore them! You can find them in almost every neighbohood from spring to summer. Similar to the 60s drive-in trend, in Greece and especially Athens people choose to enjoy a movie under the stars.
After all, it is safer to stay out!

Here are the top 4 open air cinemas:

Cine Paris
Based in the old town of Athens, Plaka, Cine Paris offers its guests a unique experience. Apart the screen, people have the opportunity to admire the view of the Acropolis!
A very romantic cinema (wedding proposals are not rare after the movie!), with worldwide fame and excellent movies.

Founded in 1938, this historical cinema in Ano Petralona has its own fun club. Many intellectuals and artists call it their home and sometimes even if they are not informed about the movie schedule, they just show up and enter!

Cine Thission
In 1980, Cine Thission opened its doors to the public and since then it is one of the most appreciated cinemas of Athens. Journalists and artists speak with the best words about it. American movies are mostly screenplayed but as the owner once said ”…well american movies are popular but if one has different tastes, just enjoy the Acropolis with its beautiful lights, you only need to turn your head on your left!”.

Cine Athinea
Since 1979, in Kolonaki, Cine Athinea is well-known not only for its classic movies but also for its tasteful cheesepie!

Click here to find which open air cinema is closer to your area (unfortunately only Greek version).

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