Top 3 Greek drinks

Greeks love to party. And drinking. These two go often together…We have 3 typical Greek drinks which you will probably find in any restaurant or tavern you will choose to go to. Always depending on your taste and mood, keep in mind that we accompany our drinks with meze. In this way you get a full experience and… you don’t get fully wasted!


It is an anise-flavored liquor made of grape must. It is produced in Greece and Cyprus and resembles the French pastis. If one wants to make it lighter, add some water and it will become white because of its chemical reaction.Ouzo is perfectly combined with fish meze!

(around 40% alcohol)


Similar to tsipouro (Northern Greece) and tsikoudia (Crete), raki is a magic potion! Produced of twice distilled grapes, normally served in small shot glasses together with some meze as well. Greeks enjoy it together with lunch or later in the evening with dinner.

(around 45% alcohol)


A sweet liqueur, produced from the mastiha resin from the island of Chios. Typically sugar is added and its taste is quite distinctive. It is normally served after dinner as a digestive drink, similar to the Italian limoncello. 

(around 30%)

Yia mas!

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