Thissio, is the west border of Monastiraki and the area that “embraces” the west slope of the Acropolis. If Monastiraki was meant to be the commercial center of old Athens, Thissio was always its most “elegant” neighbour.
Its’ main road, the wonderful stonepaved Apostolou Pavlou str., is considered as one of Athenians’ most beloved destinations within the city limits for a walk or a coffee break.
Thissio is another favourite venue for spontaneous, open-air concerts and happenings by street bands and this, combined with the fact that the area is considered as one of Athenians’ most beloved destinations, makes the whole area an on-going party to celebrate the simple joys of life.

What to see at Thissio

  • Many beautiful neoclassical buildings, cafeterias and taverns, lined up along the spacious promenade, offering marvellous view to the Acropolis hill.
  • Herakleidon Museum of Physics, art and mathematics
  • Islamic Art Benaki Museum
  • Open-air summer Cinemas
  • Taverns, Restaurants, Nightclubs and bars

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