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Things to Do in Athens, May 2019

If you are in Athens and have some days left till you visit the islands or go back home (I hope it’s the first scenario!), here are some options of things you could do solo or with your family:

Now that the weather is finally nice, or originally Greek, you could start your day by connecting with nature: the National Garden in the city center of Athens, just next to Syntagma Square (where the Parliament is) is a super opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe have breakfast under the sun! You can be organized and have a picnic! In case you haven’t visited the Acropolis, it is 10 minutes walking distance.

Alternatively, you can visit Vouliagmeni Lake. This amazing, natural resource is close to the sea side and has a restaurant in case you wish to have lunch. If on the other hand, your holiday mood has struck, you can go to Bolivar Beach Bar to swim, do watersports and taste wonderful cocktails!

Returning back to the city vibes, one cannot miss visiting the National Archaeological Museum. Together with the Acropolis Museum, they consist of two athenian gems of which Greeks are very proud of, not only for their magnificent content, but also for their excellent curatorship.

And if it’s time to purchase some souvenirs for your beloved ones back home, you should pass by the The Attic Black Shop. The products include ancient toys (dolls, marbles, astragalus bones, iynx, spinning tops, figurines), excavation and conservation kits, jewelry, tableware (drinking vessels, plates and other black glazed pottery from the Ancient Agora),cooking pots and artifacts inspired by the prehistoric pottery of the Cyclades and Thessaly.

If however, you belong to those who prefer consumable souvenirs, then pass by:

Peri Lesvou

In this family business, you will find a variety of Greek products like extra virgin olive oil, mastic liquor, honey, olive pastes and many more, directly sent by the island of Lesvos. The staff is very friendly and the prices as well!

Fotsi Spices

One of the oldest spices and herbs shop, in the most multicultural street of downtown Athens is waiting for you to experience with all your senses, excellent products such as safran, Greek mountain tea and pure olive oil soaps.

To finish your day with a traditionally cooked dinner or souvlaki, visit Erotokritos and enjoy their juicy grilled meat.

Finally, if still in the mood for adventure, have a drink or cocktail at Tiki Bar. Its carefully chosen products and distinguished decoration and music, will blow your mind!

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