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Things to Do in Athens, August 2019

August’s full moon will shine on the 15th, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports will offer to the public
the opportunity to enjoy a summer night under the silver light of the moon in the country’s archaeological sights,
monuments and museums.

The country’s 97 archaeological sites, monuments and
museums will remain open for the public to enjoy the brightest moon of the summer and 48 of them will host events,
mainly music concerts.

Those who choose to visit the Museum of the Acropolis on the day of the full moon will have the chance to enjoy
its exhibits from eight in the morning until midnight – with admission free of charge until eight in the evening.

The ground floor café and the second floor restaurant will also be open during the same hours,
where you can enjoy the view of the moonlight over the Holy Rock of the Acropolis.

The 15th of August is also very significant for the Greeks, since it is the greatest celebration of Virgin Mary.
From the capital, Athens, till the smallest village of Greece, people host special events, connencted to religion,
which are followed by the popular ”panigiria”.

A Panigiri is a centuries old traditional festival organized during the summer months. The festival is not only about chanting and praying, but also  music, plenty food and local wine, the three key elements that make a Panigiri successful.
The festival is an occasion to get young and old people together, to meet locals, to dance, to talk, to drink and eat, to feast.

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