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The most Ιnstagrammable places in Athens

Spending time in Athens is a whole experience by itself. People who view this city in all its aspects make memories and capture these moments in photography. Especially now that social media and cameras are part of our somehow diary, taking a photo of the most graphic places where you go is no taboo. 

People care about aesthetics, and they look for visually appealing spots suitable for a photography session. There is a list of the places you need to go for the most Instagrammable occasions! Check out the following: 

Anafiotika is a neighborhood full of different colors and scenic, tiny corners on your way. Ideally, trick your friends and take photos to make them think you are on an island. This district is a must for folklore lovers and Instagrammers. 

Kolonaki is a very classy place to be, at least. It hides many spots with the history of the city behind. Besides being perfect for premium shopping time, as a hub, it offers the opportunity to get photographs in front of old buildings characterized by elegant style and neoclassical architectural features. Go to M8 and combine the above! 

Kypseli is also a known area for its multicultural impact that depicts the other Athens in a new way as people relive its past. In this area, fine architecture, lovely squares, and hangout places are vivid examples of the urban aesthetics and old neighborhood vibe to captivate in pictures. Take a walk at the public market and let your camera shoot the Mediterranean lifestyle. 

Acropolis couldn’t be out! Herodion, for instance, is not only a top cultural space but also a place for a night walk to enjoy a drink on the go or a traditional yogurt from Fresko. Sitting around gives an artsy sense of legacy, and you can ask for a photo by the locals to add to your highlights. The summer breeze and memorable scenery will frame the best natural pic taken under the moon and the night sky. 

Eleftherias Park, next to Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis) on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, is another outdoor place to take your picnic photos in urban Athens. A community spot that goes beyond the city’s limits and a greenery lot that fits your group photo standards and goals. 

Downtown rooftops and yards are always in! They offer a magnificent picture view of either Lycabettus, Strefi Hill, or the Acropolis and a street watch of how Athens is designed from the top. Romantic, folk, and Athenian, they beat in everything. Visit City Zen and enjoy the beautiful views!

Psirri is another iconic district on the map of Athens. Indie, graphic, street art, a reference point for the rebetiko, urban Greek history in the making, offers visitors the chance to photograph all these different sides next to the abandoned or preserved buildings from the medieval years of the Ottoman empire. Here you will find many small taverns, some of them with live Greek music. 

Thission is a very known historic neighborhood with mystic corners of neoclassical buildings to go for a photo tour. Restored traditionality will award you with an eye-tracking experience to pick your spot and create photographic memories. Ancient monuments and left-overs will guide you to the best photogenic points. 

Exarcheia is an additional underground region with an edgy alternative look, Greek blues vibe, and collective not to say punk-hippie aesthetics, for freestylers who still want to keep up with the photography update and artistic series. Ama Lachi, Rozalia, or Yiantes represent the elements to have a complete urban experience.

Petralona is finally the hippest area to feel like a local and get authentic photos. The ultimate urban destination for old-style captures and modern twist hype from graffitis to portray the community. An alternative travel and photography stop through narrow (apartment) blocks, and cute colorful social – conscious shops are ready to host you. 

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