Sunset spots in Athens

Athens has many beautiful places to watch the sunset with your partner, friends, or family. Many of them are in the city or the suburbs, and they can be compared to the islands’ promising sunset views. 

Beginning from the city center, Lycabettus Hill is the first spot on the list for a great view of the city and the beautiful sunset. Perfect for couples, ideal spot for pictures!

Next is Filopappou Hill, a unique place in an ancient landscape, highly recommended during spring and summer because of the colors the sunset leaves behind combined with the trees and rocks around. An escape in nature surrounded by Acropolis, Thission, and Koukaki. 

Another point is Flisvos Marina, a destination by the sea to watch the sun go down while walking next to the most luxurious yachts. In contrast to the above, this place is full of shops to enjoy an ice cream or a cocktail on the go before dusk.

Mikrolimano is also a small marina that pledges a series of sunset peaks in Piraeus. Near the graphic, old neighborhood of Kastella and its neoclassical houses, it mixes simplicity with an island vibe.

Temple of Poseidon is in Cape Sounion and presents one of the most beautiful breathtaking sunsets that bring you back in time. Watching the sundown in this ancient pantheon is a poetic moment that reminds you of its history of the god of the sea, filling you with unforgettable memories while being around ruins and seeing the cotton candy sky.   

Rock Theatre in Vyronas, a suburban town, is an open-air venue with a full view of the city up to the Saronic islands. Next to Mount Hymettus, visitors feel like being part of a past refugee community and a historical surrounding while staring at the sun going down. 

Strefi Hill, last but not least, is a common meeting point among Athenians, especially those who live close to Exarcheia. It is a low-key spot for youth that look at the view and the sunset shades with a beer on hand. A panoramic view of the downtown, ideal for animals too!

Τake the trouble and go around these places, you might discover new spots of your own why not?

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