Rooftops for a cotton candy sunset view and breeze Athenian nights

Have you ever been to a place that combines urban aesthetics with natural lights and a top view? Downtown Athens is famous for its rooftop gardens with amazing views. Old buildings that have been refurbished and given new life are now open for special nights out and fun-seekers. Chilling on a rooftop under the stars, combining your drink with a unique atmosphere in a neo-classic setting, is the ultimate summer vibing experience. 

Fun cocktails, intriguing menus, and Acropolis views from City Zen are a top pick-up choice for visitors and locals who want it all in one spot. A diverse historic center offers its view from above while food and drinks refresh your tourist rush transforming it into a carefree all-day escape just for you to feel loose in an elegant bar-restaurant and take photos.

Athens is full of open-air destinations and is a rooftop paradise thanks to its block of flats and tall buildings that first appeared in the 50s to cover Greek society’s needs. Olympias rooftop bar relives history in the legendary Olympias Hotel featuring an incomparable Acropolis view. On Athinas Street, this bar shows you the city’s remains, a view of the street art on the high walls, and industrial cart postal frames.

Because tastes differ and each one looks for a unique zone to comfort their discovery mood, there is always an alternative in Athens. Hookaholic lounge bar is another roof garden if you look for an Anatolian set to relax by looking at the downtown view and try tropical, Arabic flavors. 

Whatever your choice, Athens is a multi-cultural capital giving all the Mediterranean, Balkan, Greek, and Anatolian vibes of an urban summer. You can have fresh evenings picking among these safe choices, hanging in rooftop yards, or even watching a film with your beverage. 

Retro style, old Athens memories, graphic neighborhoods, and folk traits in every corner promise you a superior experience. Pizza nights, open-air screenings, original drinks based on traditional spirits, picnic-friendly, clubbing, and romantic dates count for a free, exotic tour-like exception for full moon nights. So go hunting in the rooftop heaven!

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