Nevertheless, the undoubtable mecca of cafes, bars, restaurants and ouzeri is the, in first sight, humble Psiri, the northernmost neighbor of all three. Until the end of the 1900s, Psiri was a working class neighbourhood that was full of leather workshops, typesetters, fixtures, shops with material for making clothing. Some of them still remain, to remind the visitor of its primarily industrial and commercial use.
In the last years though, many of the old buildings have been renovated to bars, nightclubs, bouzoukia places, taverns or fine shops. Walking through the streets of Psirri in the morning, nothing apart from a couple ouzeri and cafes, can really prepare the visitor of the complete transformation to which this area undergoes at around 6PM.

What to see at Psirri

  • Traditional Greek taverns and cafes, in in the 60’s style, all beautifully decorated mainly with old photos of Athens.
  • Nightclubs and bars with all kinds of music: Latin, rock, mainstream, ballads
  • Authentic Greek nightlife with rembetika songs.

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