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Under the shade of the Holy Rock of the Acropolis lies probably the most ancient district of Europe, Plaka, also known as “the District of Gods”. Its majestic past is deeply engraved on the glorious ancient remnants, on the Byzantine temples and the imposing, restored neoclassical buildings of our time. With a history of more than 3,500 years and unique picturesque characteristics, the area invites the visitors to walk its narrow alleys and reveals to them its secrets. The beautiful colours of the neoclassical buildings, the architecture, the well-maintained gardens, the good taste and the general atmosphere of the district will enchant you. There you will also find several little churches, a mosque, hammam baths and the first university of Greece. All the above make up the city’s cultural mosaic. After walking its alleys, take some time to enjoy a glass of wine in one of the numerous little tavernas under the Acropolis.

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