Health & Wellness

Medical Center

The HOMED polyclinic is located in the most central part of Athens, on the central shopping street.

In the building at 18 Ermou Street, inside the portico, you will find the reception and telephone center, as well as an emergency clinical center.

Our clinics and administration are located on the 3rd floor of the building at 16 Ermou Street.

Comprehensive Services

Our duty is not only to protect or restore your health, but also to save your precious vacation!

Immediate assessment of your problem by a doctor at your place of stay or at the clinic, diagnostic tests at our labs, and, if necessary, short-term hospitalization at one of our hospitals contribute to solving any health issue you may encounter quickly and safely, so you can continue enjoying your vacation as soon as possible.

As part of our comprehensive support, we also take care of immediate compensation from your insurance company.

A detailed medical report, along with a detailed receipt of your expenses, is essential so that the company you have a contract with, can compensate you without any delay.

Even better, immediately inform your insurance company’s help desk and ask for a ‘reference number’ and contact email.

We inform them from the very first moment about the progress of your health issue, until we provide the final medical report and an itemized invoice.

You will only need to provide them with your bank account details, so that they can deposit the amount of the expense you have incurred.

24/7 Operation

Our medical service operates continuously. 

Around the clock, every day of the year.

Our call center and reception in the building at 18 Ermou st, inside the arcade, operate daily from 7am to 11pm.

During the same hours, in our clinic located in the adjacent building at 16 Ermou st, 3rd floor, our doctors are available for medical examinations or blood collection for laboratory tests.

During the night hours, phone calls are answered by another call center, urgent and immediate medical visits to your location.

Hospitals and diagnostic facilities

For imaging examinations such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, etc. we can transport you to one of our nearby hospitals, which are approximately 10-15 minutes far away from the clinic.


Our ambulances are always available to be by your side whenever needed, even if you encounter a health problem in a public space. Simultaneously, a doctor arrives at your location to assess the situation and coordinate the next steps.

Open: 24/7

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