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The court of ancient Athens.The place where the gospel was first preached in Athens by the Apostle Paul.

A steep rock to the west, not far from the Acropolis, and on the opposite side from the Pnyx and the Kolonos Agoraios hill. The Athenians believed that the twelve gods of Olympus gathered on this rock to put Ares on trial for the murder of one of Poseidon’s sons, Halirrothius. In Antiquity this rock served, on one hand, as the seat of a judicial council, the Assembly of Areios Pagos, with jurisdiction over cases of premeditated murder, arson and sacrilege. On the other hand, it was a religious place with several sanctuaries, the most important of which being the sanctuary of “Semnai Theai” (venerable goddesses) or Eumenides.

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