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Lycabettus is a hill in Athens surrounded by a forest, right in the heart of the city. According to ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Athena wanted her temple on the Acropolis to be closer to the sky. So, in a stormy night, she went to Penteli mountain and picked a huge rock in order to place it on top of the Acropolis rock. While she was carrying the rock, two black birds approached her, bringing her bad news on a case which she had to take care of as soon as possible. Enraged and in a hurry, Athena accidentally dropped the rock right in the middle of Athens. Standing at 277 meters, Lycabettus is the second highest point in the Athens basin. The Lycabettus hill is the highest point in the centre of Athens. Thousands of Athenians and tourists climb up to the top every year to enjoy the view or to visit St. George’s chapel. Despite the fact that there is a path leading to the top, most visitors prefer to take the cable car.

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