Greek Traditional Products


“Koulourades” is a Greek company that produces fresh “Koulouri” – a type of bagel covered with sesame – serving more than 70.000 consumers daily in Greece. Our success is a combination of our unique recipe and our long experience. In our stores, you can find daily the traditional “koulouri” as well as a vast selection of sweet and savory tastes, such as apple and cinnamon or cream cheese; always balancing between the traditional and the contemporary flavor offering a great selection of breakfast snacks.

Additionally, our products do not contain fats and are ideal for diet and for customers in fasting mode. Our company aims of producing high-quality products. Our goods are traditionally made by using high-quality ingredients and they are baked to perfection in specialized modern equipment that guarantees the finest baking. Once you taste it you will understand why our koulouri is the best in Greece.

Open: Daily 6:00 am – 16:00 pm

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