Chinese – Korean – Japanese – Sushi


In Varvakios Market, the central fish, meat & vegetable market of Athens, a gastronomic movement appeared in early September 2021 called Hasapika Central Market.

The main characteristic of this movement is the use of excellent quality seasonal raw material as provided by the central market of Greece.

The traditional refrigerated showcases and counters of the butchers have been transformed into kitchens and places for preparing food and drink kiosks.

If you enter the central arcade of the Varvakios Market from Athinas Street (Aristogitonos Street), you will meet the first ceviche kiosk on your right hand side and while walking
along the arcade you will also see the Japanese food kiosks, the lemon bar, the traditional Greek seafood recipes kiosk and finally, the one of fresh pasta.

If you would like to try this experience and walk the “street” of food and drink, do visit Aristogitonos Street inside the Varvakios Market, in the heart of the Athenian historical
center. Since the beginning of June, a DJ will be accompanying your gastronomic journey with musical selections.

Open: Mon-Fri 12pm-5pm, Sat 12pm-7:30pm
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