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Filopappos hill, or Mousson hill (Hill of the Muses), or Seggio hill, is a hill in Athens, located on the opposite side from the Acropolis, to the south-west. It is connected to the neighbouring hills of the Observatory (hill of the Nymphs) and of Pnyx. At the top of the hill there is the Filopappos monument which was erected in honour of the senator Filopappos during the Roman period; the hill was also named after the him. The Filopappos monument, dated in 114-116 A.D., was erected by the Athenians and dedicated to the city’s great benefactor, Julius Antiochus Philopappos, the exiled leader of Commagene, who settled in the city and became a citizen of Athens, undertaking public and religious offices. According to the geographer Pausanias, the monument was built at the same site where Musaios was formerly buried.
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