Marina Zeas


Diving in Greece’s clear blue water is a unique experience and the exploration of the underwater world of the Aegean sea, which includes countless shipwrecks, reefs, caves and a wide range of aquatic life, a challenge.

This challenge drove us to the creation of Atlantis Dive Center.

Our goal is to transfer our many year knowledge and experience to beginner divers and get them to know the secrets of the sea. On the other hand, we can reinforce the knowledge of the already certified divers, keeping their interest high and challenge them to join in our diving exercises.

Also, we offer special courses for our little friends, were through playing games and with the introduction to the sea, we familiarize them with the underwater world.

Of course, we also offer to the people with special needs the experience and the expertise in order to make them familiarize and get to know this whole new wonderful world.

We represent the largest international diving organizations and certifications with the more complete courses and educational levels.

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