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Ama Lachei at Nefeli’s
All day cafe | Restaurant Greek Mediterranean

Ama Lachei at Nefelis is a traditional greek mezedopoleio, which means is a restaurant that serves meze. Meze is a selection of small dishes, resembling appetizers or tapas. They are served in a random order and are shared by all dining companions. They are not served all together, but each dish arrives at the table as soon as it is prepared.

Therefore, there are no starters or main dishes and everyone shares the same small dishes. According to the Mediterranean dining tradition these small dishes are eaten together in the company of friends and family, accompanied by alcoholic drinks, often over the course of an entire evening.

The serving of meze is designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating a full course meal set before them. The culture of sharing food brinks people together to communicate and socialize, which makes it a tradition worth exploring…

Open: Brunch – Daily 11am-12:30pm | Lunch & Dinner – Daily 1pm-11:30pm

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