Pet friendly places in the centre of Athens

Found yourself in Athens with your dog? It is time for both of you to relax and enjoy the weather. After visiting all the must-see sites, like the Acropolis where pets are not allowed, bring your little friend to one of the spots mentioned below, where the two of you will have a wonderful time, free and closer to nature, while in the center of Athens.

  • Filopappou hill

Filopappou hill, or Muses hill is located across Acropolis and can be reached by the areas of Acropolis, Koukaki and Petralona. The pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou surrounds the biggest part of the hill and is full of cafes, restaurants and people promenading, jogging or taking their dogs for a walk!

On the top of the hill, you can find the ancient roman memorial of the consul Filopappos and also enjoy the majestic view of the Acropolis!

  • Lycabettus hill

Lycabettus hill, the most central hill of the city and the second-highest spot is surrounded by the areas of Kolonaki and Neapoli Exarchia. You can take the lift or even better walk till the top, where you will appreciate the amazing view of Athens and if the weather is good, you will even see the sea! You can have a coffee or lunch at the restaurant and visit the church of Saint George.

In mythology, it is said that goddess Athena used to hold a rock in her hands and after some bad news the rock fell and the hill was created.

  • National Garden

The National Garden of Athens in Syntagma, a historic site with a great variety of different species is a unique experience for its visitors. Until 1927, the Garden was not mentioned as ‘’national’’ but as ‘’royal’’ since Queen Amalia used it as her private scientific and botanical garden.

Nowadays, it is open for everyone who wants to relax, exercise, observe plants and animals. You will also find pieces of ancient marble and even a lake with ducks, dogs will for sure appreciate this place!

It is just next to Zappeion park, a beautiful spot to have a coffee and read your book.

  • Strefi hill

Strefi hill in Neapoli Exarchia used to be private, owned by the Strefi family and before that used to be a rock quarry. Today, the hill welcomes lots of people, mostly locals, since there is a coffee shop, a play area and a basketball field. Especially on Saturdays, when the flea market takes place in Kallidromiou street just under the hill, many residents choose to go up to the hill and enjoy their goods!

  • Pedion tou Areos

Pedion tou Areos is the biggest public park of Athens and is located close to Omonia, on Alexandras Avenue. The park was designed in 1934 in order to honor the warriors of the Greek revolution in 1821. 

Visitors will enjoy historic statues, fountains and a great range of trees and plants! Your four-legged friend will be thrilled, since this spot is a meeting place for youngsters and dog-parents!

In general, Athens is a pet-friendly city, especially in recent years. The mentioned spots will be a delight for both of you!

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