Athens, the many faced city, has still so much to show you! If you think that your journey of discovery finishes at Syntagma area you’re about to be pleasantly surprised!
A new, exciting area awaits you to discover it! The area that lies at the foot of Lycabettus hill; the Kolonaki area!

Walk across the Vass. Sophia’s avenue towards north and continue to the east, to walk past some of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings in Athens, such as the building of the French Embassy and the B& M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music.

Turn left on Koumpari street and walk past yet another beautiful neoclassical and important building, the building that houses Benaki Museum (Former family mansion of an art collector, with displays on Greek culture from prehistory onwards), to reach the namesake square “Kolonaki square” or else known as “Platia Filikis Eterias”.

The name “Kolonaki” comes from a ritual bollard (kolonaki) from the Ottoman rule, that was placed on the square after its’ discovery in a nearby area.
The beautiful, green square is surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants known as the hangouts of intellectuals, academics, politicians, artists and members of the upper class of the Athenian society. “Lose” yourself in the streets surrounding the square, to admire the great buildings of various styles, such as neoclassical, eclectic and art nouveau, the most notable of which are the American School of Classical Studies/Gennadius Library, the Cycladic Art Museum, the Numismatic Museum, the Experimental School, the Concert Hall and many art galleries and haute couture ateliers of famous Greek designers.

Undoubtedly, worth visiting is Lycabettus Hill, crowned by the small historical church of St. George (Agios Georgios) with the most breathtaking view of Athens. The hill offers also a cable car, a lovely café – restaurant, an open- air theatre, where many concerts take place during the summer season and of course the opportunity for a wonderful revitalizing walk along its’ beautiful paths!

A very nice path leading to Lycabettus hill (accessible via Ilia Rogkakou street), starts near the beautiful Dexamenis square, the second most important square of Kolonaki area. On the same square, you will find one of the nicest open- air cinemas of Athens.

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