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Herodion Theatre, not only an ancient monument

The ancient amphitheatre under the Acropolis of Athens, Herodion was built in the 2nd century AC. It is worth visiting as a monument but it is mindblowing if you choose to attend a performance. The ambiance will travel you back to the Roman period where minimalism and classical architecture will relax your eyes.  At the same time you will have the opportunity to watch prominent works by outstanding artists.

Check out the schedule for September 2021:

3/9, at 21:00

Music concert by Marinella and Marios Frangoulis

7/9, at 21:00

Theatre performance Aristofanes’ Frogs by Argirro Hioti

8/9, at 20:30

Symphonic Orchestra Tchaikovsky- Grand Waltz

10/9 & 11/9, at 21:00

Led Zeppelin Symphonic

18/9, at 21:00

Music and Dance performance Tango VS Flamenco pasiones

21/9, 22/9 & 23/9, at 21:00

Monica Bellucci “Maria Callas: Lettres & Mémoires”

27/9, at 21:00

Music performance by Jack Savoretti

28/9, at 21:00

Dance performance by Akram Khan

29/9, 21:00

The Tiger Lillies

30/9, at 21:00


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