Health & Safety

Health & Safety

While travelling the world it is always useful to acquire information about the local health system, tips and emergency numbers. In this way, travelers can avoid unpleasant surprises which could potentially change their holiday plans.


In Greece, modern hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are found everywhere, and personnel, equipment, and supplies ensure excellent treatment. Most doctors in Greece speak English (many having trained in North America or the U.K.).

The CrossBorderMedCare, the International Patient Center of Bioiatriki HealthCare Group undertakes the safe transport, treatment and rehabilitation of international patients by offering patient oriented medical services either for patients visiting Greece for receiving planned medical care, or for the management of medical emergency cases.

Emergency numbers

European Emergency Call Number 112
Ambulance Service 166
Police 100


  • Multilingual physicians of all specialities
  • Free medical advice over phone
  • Diagnostic tests at your location
  • 24 hours/365 days

‘’For any problem, at any time an SOS DOCTOR by your side!’’


  • Wash your hands often
  • Use antibacterial gels
  • Eat and sleep well

Final tip, enjoy your holidays at the maximum, no room for stress…
…and remember that if you take care of yourself it will take care of you as well!

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