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Exploring Athens in the Summer: Essential Tips to Beat the Heat

Discover the beauty of Athens, a city boasting a mild climate for most of the year. However, when summer arrives, the temperatures can soar, and locals understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable during the heatwave. In this article, we’ll share essential tips to help you beat the heat and make the most of your time in Athens, all while ensuring your tour with Athens Walking Tours is a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

1. Dress Smartly for Comfort: When the mercury rises, dressing appropriately is key to staying comfortable. Follow these tips to keep cool:

  • Opt for loose, breathable, and light-colored clothing to facilitate heat dissipation.
  • Shield yourself from direct sunlight by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or a cap.
  • Safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays by applying high SPF sunscreen.

2. Stay Hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for your well-being during the scorching weather. Remember these points:

  • Carry a refillable water bottle throughout the day, as tap water in Athens is safe to drink.
  • Replenish essential minerals with a rehydration product like hydrolyte or an electrolyte drink.

3. Seek Shade and Air-Conditioned Spaces: Escape the heat by planning your activities strategically and making use of shaded areas and air-conditioned places:

  • Avoid being outdoors between 2 pm and 6 pm, the hottest period of the day. Instead, relax indoors, at your hotel, Airbnb, or a nearby beach or pool.
  • Opt for restaurants with air-conditioned rooms for a leisurely and refreshing lunch, avoiding heavy meals and alcohol.
  • Utilize taxis or the Metro to minimize outdoor exposure as public transportation often has air-conditioning.

4. Embrace the Cooler Evenings: As the sun sets, Athens comes alive, and the evenings become more pleasant. Take advantage of this time to explore the city in a cooler atmosphere:

  • Dine at restaurants or cafes with courtyards or rooftop seating for a delightful meal or refreshing drink.
  • Experience Athens’ vibrant nightlife at rooftop bars or open-air venues with stunning city views.
  • Enjoy an open-air cinema or attend the Epidaurus Athens Festival for an evening filled with cultural delights.

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