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Edible souvenirs from Greece, with love

Coming back home after holidays in Greece?Well, what would be better than bringing back with you some Greek products as souvenirs for you and your beloved ones? Or even better, you might have become a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, so you definitely need some local products to invite over friends and impress them with your new skills!

Check out where you can find the best Greek products:

Here you can find a wide range of herbs and spices as well as natural olive oil soaps and cosmetics, essential oils, aromatic teas, nuts and cereals.

The best organic market in the heart of Athens! Vegetarian, vegan, raw or gluten-free, here you will find a superb range of local products from small and large producers, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, foods, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, herbs, baby foods and home cleaning products.

A family business from the wonderful island of Lesvos offers a variety of products, such as cheese, yoghurt, olive oil, spices, natural cosmetics, local alcoholic drinks (ouzo, raki, mastic liqueur).

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