Drink like a Greek! A list of the finest traditional spirits

You probably know that Greece has one of the tastier and healthier Mediterranean diets with a variety of food so having the best traditional drinks is a definite. In and out of Athens, be sure that you can find rare hand-crafted wines, regional spirits, local beers, and homemade aperitifs.

Just spend some time wandering through the old graphic corners of this city, and you will bump into fine liquor stores. Before you ask for help, catch some info on our top-notch drinks and their origins to match your taste and mood while continuing your trip, knowing what to order next. 

🥛 Ouzo is the ultimate summertime Mediterranean aperitif to combine with your fresh fish dish or traditional delicacies. Its history reaches up to a group of monks making it in Mount Athos, while the most recent version comes from the Thessaly region, Tyrnavos in Larissa. Small tip: If you want to break its strong taste, try it with sour cherry juice or lemonade. 

With a similar history to the above, there is another distilled drink, tsipouro. People drink it casually on the islands, and you can accompany it with Greek meze dishes, rusk, cheese, or keep it simple with olives. You can have the pure one or the anise-flavored. Either way is unique as long as it is cold! Look for the good ones as a base to create a greek cocktail. 

Under the same umbrella or family of these alcoholic distillers is raki, which originates from Crete. Delivered in shot glasses, usually chilled, they mix it with honey (“rakomelo”), while in summer, they accompany it with meat, Cretan cheese, and other homemade pies. Don’t get surprised if you see them having a glass early at noon, no matter how robust it is. 

Greek liqueurs like mastic (mastic), limoncello, and other flavors come out in various Greek islands like Chios, Corfu, and Naxos. Strawberry-like tastes, bergamot, cherry, kumquat, and citrus are on the all-star list of these liqueurs’ aromas. Learn more about these here.

🍷 An exceptional experience you can outlive downtown is also the wine tastings. Different places in Greece produce wine collections that follow a great tradition behind. Walking around Athens you will find fine restaurants that provide a full menu of them. Be aware of wines from Santorini, Samos, Limnos, Peloponnese, Macedonia, and Thessaly if they are on the list. 

Take our advice and taste at least two of the following: Vinsanto (sweet red wine), Samos Vin Doux (also sweet but white wine), Malagousia (dry white wine), Moschofilero (aromatic dry white wine), and Agiorgitiko (there is also the rosé wine served cool). Check more here.

🍺 Several locations in Greece make their beer while everyone serves a distinct taste embedded from the earth or sea flavors of the specific region. Each land has something remarkable to offer. Beers from Chios, Corfu, Santorini, Cyclades, Tinos, Evia, Ikaria, Patras, and Messinia are some of the best! Choose between the blonde, red, and dark ones of these origins for the most accurate sample from the local brewing. 

Cheers or simply “Yia mas”!

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