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Cultural events in Athens, autumn-winter 2021

We missed all the cultural events last year, but this year looks promising! We have gathered some of the events which will take place this autumn in Athens, take a look:

National Historical Museum

16/09, 19:30

Presentation of the comic exhibition, ”1821-the battle of the square”.

Benaki Museum

13 & 17/9Educational program for participants with visibility issues.”Watching with the senses”.

Benaki Museum

21/9, 11:00

”1821: Silences”, 1200 objects of the exhibition ”1821 before and after” invite the participants to discover them and understand better the Greek Independence of 1821.

Acropolis Museum

till 31/10

”Marathon-Salamis. In traces of myth and history”.”Walking in the ancient neighborhood of the Acropolis Museum”.

till 17/12

”Afternoons in the Acropolis Museum”.

till 21/12

”Greece 2021- Acropolis Museum”.

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