Finding yourself in Athens during February and March? This is great, since the city is not as crowded as it is during summer and there is also a variety of ‘’things to do’’, especially during the Carnival, or Apokries as it is called in Greek. The Municipality of Athens has organized many activities for kids […]

It is not only about the colorful ornaments and lights which graciously decorate the city; it is mostly about the warm ambience, which travels around like a liquid substance of joy, going in and out of houses, passing by the big pedestrian streets to finally sit on kids’ reddish cheeks. It is also about rethinking, […]

When people think about Athens, they immediately link to the magnificent Acropolis, the sun and probably ouzo. Although all of these are inextricable parts of the Greek culture, we need to highlight that modern Athens has many more things to share and be proud of. The city that never sleeps (yes, it is not only […]

Finding yourself in Greece the 28th of October? Well, except the -still, good weather, you will notice something else; everything is closed! It is one of the most important national celebrations! The Ochi Day. Ochi is the greek word for no.  Why should a nation celebrate such a thing? The story goes back to 1940. […]

August’s full moon will shine on the 15th, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports will offer to the public the opportunity to enjoy a summer night under the silver light of the moon in the country’s archaeological sights, monuments and museums. The country’s 97 archaeological sites, monuments and museums will remain open for the […]

Summer is here. There is no doubt about it. Greeks prefer to be on the islands during the hot months of the year (June, July and August), but there is this little issue, called work! So the city of Athens functions perfectly and offers a lot of events. Thus, if you are in Athens there […]

If you are in Athens and have some days left till you visit the islands or go back home (I hope it’s the first scenario!), here are some options of things you could do solo or with your family: Now that the weather is finally nice, or originally Greek, you could start your day by […]

Imagine an area in the center of Athens. Not the shiny part you might already know, like the Acropolis, but something more urban. Urban in the sense of cement, noise and lack of nature. Now you will probably think, why should I visit this area? Well, Gazi and its neighbor area Metaxourgeio, are what we […]

  Spring has come and Athens has put on her beautiful floral dress. The city smells like the blossoming bitter orange trees (‘’nerantzia’’ tree) and the nights have become sweeter. The sunset is at 8pm and all sorts of wanderers are strolling around meeting friends. They are visiting cool exhibitions, they are going to funky concerts […]