Athens lies on hills, much like Rome: If we assume that the Acropolis is in the center, then to its west, there are Areopagus, Filopappus (or Muses’ Hill), the Pnyx, and the Hill of the Nymphs, while to its east is Lycabettus. Each one of them surrounding the Acropolis has a story to tell, and […]

The most colorful district of Athens, Plaka, is also known as the neighborhood of the gods, due to its very close vicinity to the Acropolis.  Built at the foot of the Acropolis walls, this district is almost as old as Athens.  That is why the origin of its name is dubious and somewhat lost in […]

  A kiss has recently become the talk of the town, but it is a different, 22-meter kind of kiss. Red, minimal, clean-cut lines form two figures kissing with eyes closed on ochre canvas. Is it a distant reference to another notorious kiss, that of Gustav Klimt? Or is it a novel symbol of anticipation […]

Found yourself in Athens with your dog? It is time for both of you to relax and enjoy the weather. After visiting all the must-see sites, like the Acropolis where pets are not allowed, bring your little friend to one of the spots mentioned below, where the two of you will have a wonderful time, […]

Discover the most beautiful and picturesque corners of Athens, by visiting these two neighbouring areas, the “Plaka” and “Makriyianni”. Plaka, occupies the area right underneath the Acropolis, set among Syntagma sq., Monastiraki , the Ancient Agora and Thissio; the Amalia Ave. and the Makrigianni area. It is Athens’ oldest and most picturesque area, also known […]

Athens, the many faced city, has still so much to show you! If you think that your journey of discovery finishes at Syntagma area you’re about to be pleasantly surprised! A new, exciting area awaits you to discover it! The area that lies at the foot of Lycabettus hill; the Kolonaki area! Walk across the […]

The “heart” of Athens! Athens, like every big city in the whole world, has a certain spot – a benchmark – which serves as the ideal starting point for the discovery of the essence, the beauty and the history of the City. This special point is Syntagma area and is considered as the historical center […]

Nevertheless, the undoubtable mecca of cafes, bars, restaurants and ouzeri is the, in first sight, humble Psiri, the northernmost neighbor of all three. Until the end of the 1900s, Psiri was a working class neighbourhood that was full of leather workshops, typesetters, fixtures, shops with material for making clothing. Some of them still remain, to […]

Thissio, is the west border of Monastiraki and the area that “embraces” the west slope of the Acropolis. If Monastiraki was meant to be the commercial center of old Athens, Thissio was always its most “elegant” neighbour. Its’ main road, the wonderful stonepaved Apostolou Pavlou str., is considered as one of Athenians’ most beloved destinations within the city limits for a walk […]

Monastiraki is the district whose’ borders are defined from the big Orthodox Cathedral of Athens (Metropolis), the picturesque old quarter of Plaka, Ermou st. and of course, Thissio and Psiri. Walking down the lovely cobblestone alley called Ifestou which connects Metropolis sq. with the very center of Monastiraki district, the namesake sq., one cannot escape the feeling of carefreeness that seems to take […]