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Basic phrases to use while in Greece

Are you coming to Greece and have no idea how to speak or reply? We are here to help you communicate directly in a simple way. You have probably heard a lot about the everyday Greek speech, how we greet each other, or international sayings rooted in our language. 

See which phrases you can apply on each occasion and understand our manner of speech when they talk to you similarly. 

~ “Kalimera”: Just a word to wish you good morning before you order a greek coffee (Elliniko kafe). It will make your day and affect their passion for preparing a good one – we call it Meraki.

~ “Ti kaneis”: A typical “how are you“ as it means is very polite if you want to see how somebody is going and check their mood. 

~”Ola kala / Endaxi (?)”: Leaving a place, they might ask you if everything was all right. You can also respond ok, which in Greek is this exact phrase. 

~”Pou pas?”: The phrase means where are you going, and it is for newcomers to reply where they are heading, answering their destination name to inform the ticket inspector, for example. 

~”Efxaristo”: A simple thank you, used mutually, is what you will hear a lot. Even if you are in the tavern, lying on a beach, or buying a souvenir, keep an ear! You can show your appreciation with this phrase too.  

~”Poso kanei?”: How much is it – a question many people would like to know if they want to buy something without bothering or getting lost in translation with the locals in the market. Ask this, and you will give the impression of knowing what you are looking for in real life!

~”Signomi”: If you want to apologize or listen to an apology, this phrase is your thing. It means excuse me, and people use it to avoid a busy area or an inconvenience and be more polite. 

~”Parakalo”: It means please, and you use it each time you want to say you are welcome or make an order at a restaurant, plus while asking for something extra. 

~”Nai / Oxi”: Yes or no, that is what it is, respectively. Both words direct you to accept or decline an offer and realize if they have what you want.

~”Voitheia”: To call for help, you need to say this when in an urgent situation. While hoping you will not need it, you still have to get this one just in case. 

*Note that if you want to hear how they are spelled, google it and press the voice button.

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