Traditional food you can taste in Greece

Savory or sweet, Greek cuisine combines memories, old recipes with a modern twist, and fresh local ingredients. A trip to Greece can be a culinary experience. 

Each and every region you visit in Greece has its own unique cooking style and traditional recipes.

We have selected for you some of the most typical traditional dishes you should definitely try while in Athens. 

  1. Souvlaki! No surprise here for the most famous street food that keeps you full, consisting of pitta bread with meat, fried potatoes, onion, tzatziki and tomatoes. You can have a healthy version with chicken, tomatoes and lettuce or a vegan version with just vegetables and fries. 
  2. Moussakas is a summer hit, found almost everywhere in Greece. It contains potatoes, minced meat (usually beef), eggplants, and a béchamel sauce. This one can turn vegan, and its version is also pretty tasty.
  3. Greek salad is an old-but-classic option of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, feta (white) cheese, onions, salt, and oregano served with olive oil. 
  4. Next is spanakopita, an adored pie with phyllo including spinach and feta. There is a vegetarian version during religious fasting periods. There are many traditional Greek pies besides spanakopita, such as cheese pies, chicken pies or zucchini pies to name a few. 
  5. Fresh fish and fresh seafood is always available and a favorite choice in Greece. Fried squid with lemon accompanied by ouzo is the ultimate Mediterranean mezes, when cod with garlic sauce, octopus with pasta, or lavraki in the oven are on the list too. 
  6. And because no meal is complete without dessert, in Greece you can find many different choices. Try the spoon-sweets in various flavors, from sour cherry, quince, watermelon, and rose to orange, bergamot, grapes, and tomato! Stop by a grocery store and get supplies from the local producers or grandmas/community associations. 
  7. Baklava, kadaifi, and galaktoboureko are equally popular choices. They are syrupy with phyllo, nuts, or cream, and they fit perfectly with ice cream and afternoon tea or Greek coffee. 
  8. A light dessert that you can have in Greece is called loukoumi. It is a traditional delicacy coming from the island of Syros covered in powdered sugar, made of sugar, water, and starch, along with aromas and nuts. It comes in small tubes and different flavors, whereas local water makes its taste special. Traditionally, loukoumi is served with Greek coffee.

To get a better understanding of Greek cuisine you can join a culinary tour or a cooking class here.

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