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A top five list of Athens’ museums

Get ready to expand your to-do list with all the significant and exceptional museums you can find in Athens. First, let us take them from the start to introduce you to different yet memorable museums that serve culture better than anything else. 

If you feel you will get lost going on your own only by reading about them, consider getting a guide by Athens Walking Tours to get a picture of what you meet or see, and expect to learn even more. This city’s museums host from contemporary or ancient art to Byzantine culture, Greek postmodernism, and other collections from the past and present years.

Acropolis Museum

It is on the top list worldwide as it exhibits findings from the ancient Athenian era, remarkable statues and marbles, elaborate everyday objects, and one-of-a-kind artifacts that depict the cultural and religious lifestyle. 

National Archaeological Museum

Equally also one of the most exceptional museums in the world, it houses finds and crafts from Attica and other regions in Greece that time from prehistory to late antiquity. The perfect place to be for an overview of Greek civilization rooting and extension. 

Byzantine and Christian Museum 

One of the most remarkable museums internationally for (post) Byzantine art and culture demonstrates pictures, murals, manuscripts, ceramics, textiles, mosaics, and other objects in thematic routes you can discover while understanding the intellectual wealth of the time. 

War Museum

Get in close to war relics from all ages and weapon artifacts while educating yourself on the historical facts that marked the Greek nation throughout time. Honor the fighters by learning about their struggles via the museum’s exhibits and documents highlighting the military premises. 

Hellenic Motor Museum 

If you are curious about what people drove in the past, visit the museum where you can view (meta) classic models that no longer exist and be impressed by the evolution of the car industry. Special exhibits of (post) vintage, antiques, veteran, and modern automobiles that belonged to legends can fascinate you for good with their design identity! 

Time’s up! Pick up your Athens Guide and start scrolling downtown to drop by the museum you found more interesting. Now you have a lot to see and stand out from the list.?

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